Offensive waste

Non-hazardous-waste_RGB_OrangeOffensive waste, is it an option for you?

Offensive waste poses lots of questions for producers of healthcare waste. Whether you are a new business or introducing better segregation, help is on hand.

Albus already provide services to many business that use the offensive waste stream such as

Albus actively help its customers to segregate its waste. In line with HTM07-01 Albus assist in educating staff member for improved segregation and classification of waste.

Whether you are introducing the offensive waste stream for the first time or are experienced with it Albus can provide a solution for you

Albus are happy to help you with any legislative questions you may have on disposal and can cover this during your free pre waste acceptance audit.

Read more about the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 07-01

All waste is managed by Albus and is collected on all of our own vehicles with no sub-contractors or agency staff used.

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