What do we provide?

Tattooists-and-beauty_RGB_OrangeWe provide services to dispose of clinical waste at any business that produces it.

Clinical waste management is at the core of our business operations and with our national network of clinical waste disposal facilities we can process all types of healthcare waste including orange, yellow and tiger bagged waste; sharps and pharmaceutical waste and other difficult to process waste streams.

We offer a variety of services for your waste disposal needs.

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What industry are you in?

Dentist_RBG_BlackDental Practices

We provide a reliable efficient waste collection and disposal service for busy dental practice’s whilst keeping you compliant.

Other-healthcare_RBG_BlackMedical Practices

We provide a reliable efficient waste collection and disposal service for any medical practice.

Tattooists-and-beauty_RBG_BlackTattooist & Beauticians

We provide a reliable, efficient and compliant waste collection and disposal service to tattooist and beauty clinics at attractive rates.

Nursing-and-care-homes_RBG_BlackNursing & Care Homes

We provide a discreet, reliable efficient waste collection and disposal service for a business that people call home.

Medical-practices_RBG_BlackHealthcare Facilities

We already provide a range of specialist waste collection and disposal services to a variety of other healthcare facilities.

Vets_RBG_BlackVeterinary Surgeries

We provide a reliable efficient waste collection and disposal service for Veterinary surgeries.

Which service do you require?

Clinical Waste Disposal

Clinical waste is produced in healthcare activities and needs to be disposed of legally and safely.

Transport_RBG_BlackDisposal Facilities

If you transport asbestos or clinical waste you will need licensed disposal facilities.

Sharps-disposal_RBG_BlackSharps Disposal

We take the management and disposal of sharps seriously and recognise it poses significant risk to your working environment.

Infectious-waste_RBG_BlackInfectious Waste Removal

Of all clinical waste stream infectious waste posses a particular risk to health and needs to be managed and treated appropriately.

Pharmaceuticals_RBG_BlackPharmaceutical Waste

We can help dispose of your pharmaceutical waste using our expertise and technical advice. This will be done in line with all the latest legislation at highly regulated disposal facilities.

Non-hazardous-waste_RBG_BlackOffensive Waste Removal

Offensive waste poses lots of questions for producers of healthcare waste. Whether you are a new business or introducing better segregation, help is on hand.

Asbestos-collections_RBG_BlackAsbestos Removal

Albus specialise in Hazardous waste, this includes asbestos waste. We already provide collection and disposal services to some of the biggest companies in the country.

If need any help managing your clinical waste please feel free to contact us.

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