Albus Environmental & 04 Energy are pioneering a Zero Landfill option in Healthcare Waste

04 Energy is a division of Albus Environmental Ltd and is a Refuge Derived Fuel Company (RDF) with a plant facility based in the South East of England, dedicated to converting all types of offensive waste to energy.

This division of the Albus Environmental Group will allow us to receive offensive waste and demonstrate a zero to landfill achievement with a waste to energy offering. More importantly, customers will be able to see an accountable process that will help towards their own carbon footprint goals and CSR responsibility and values. Currently, the clinical waste Albus deal with is typically disposed of at landfill to remain commercially viable. However, at every stage of implementation, this process achieves commercial viability by avoiding the main clinical waste incinerators at high costs and in turn, 04 Energy can now provide a cost-effective way to deliver a waste to energy solution for our customers.

04 Energy aim to develop sustainability within our communities and significantly reduce our Ecological footprint within the UK. We are pioneering a Zero Landfill option. We make use of the combustible residual waste as a potential source of fuel that makes environmental and economic sense. Our treatment facility allows 04 Energy to increase its ability to divert 99% of your offensive waste from landfill coupled with other disposal routes utilised through our parent company, Albus Environmental Ltd. 04 Energy can be visited by an end user or supply chain, to see from delivery to conversion, exactly how this process is implemented.

This is a pioneering and local environmentally-friendly solution to landfill waste that responsibly manages commercial, clinical and various other waste streams.

Director of Albus Environmental Andrew White commented “By continually engaging within our industry, we identified a problem and 04 Energy was created as a solution to deal with and communicate our pro-active action to our existing and new customer base. We are leading the way across the UK with our complete zero to waste offering across all waste streams.”

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