Albus Environmental achieves The Planet Mark™ certification

The Planet Mark is the sustainability certification for businesses who wish to demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement.

Engaging with over 100 organisations comprised of more than 33,000 employees, on average, Planet Mark certified businesses make a 7% carbon saving each year per employee through energy use, waste, water, travel and procurement. In doing so, they can expect to make cost savings of at least £100 per employee per annum.

This certification will position Albus Environmental as one of the UK’s leading sustainable clinical waste management companies. Achieving their target reductions and performance rating which is measured and audited through The Planet Mark, brings sustainability to the centre of the service that Albus Environmental offers its clients in this environmentally driven landscape.

The Planet Mark, go beyond measuring carbon, they work with Albus Environmental to deliver the business benefits of sustainability.

We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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