Albus Environmental Ensures Effective and Safe – Dental Waste Collection and Disposal in London and the South East

Dentists and practice managers have an ongoing responsibility for hygienically safe and clean dental practices for their team, patients and visitors. Laws change and compliance for waste disposal is essential as an ongoing basis and with consideration for random spot checks or audits.

Our team at Albus Environmental take the pressure out of this responsibility as we are familiar with all laws and offer exceptional value for money. Experience has given us a true understanding of our clients’ bespoke needs and we work alongside managers and dentists as a trusted partner with respect to compliant waste collection and disposal.

We have a fleet of vehicles so collection is scheduled and guaranteed to be on time and efficient. Our staff are all vetted and permanent members of the team; the company does not use agency or freelance staff. Our managers are guided by the clients’ requirements and we work to stipulated specifications. Full audit trails are managed and documented so any checks can be verified with respect to dates/times of collection and where the waste has been disposed. Additionally, there is consideration for environmental issues as part of the disposal process.

On both a professional and ethical level, our integrity and commitment to our clients and environment, is at the forefront of the company’s working practise and ethics.

Henry Farmer, Business Development commented:

“When discussing the needs of a dental practice I always want to hear what they need and require, rather than my selling products and services. Each practice is unique and therefore I ensure a unique service for each individual client, even down to their preference for specific brands of containers. I want them to have a stress-free experience.”

We are very proud that Albus Environmental has recently been awarded the Planet Mark certification for our ‘commitment to continuous improvement to make a 7% carbon saving each year.’ This certification further demonstrates our promise to deliver the business benefits of sustainability.

We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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