Keeping Nursing Homes’ Waste Disposal Safe and Compliant

Healthcare waste disposal in care and nursing home environments can be a difficult process to manage. There is a whole remit of legislation with respect to safe and hygienic disposal, so theoretically, only professionals should take responsibility for this important task.

Healthcare workers and those based onsite will have a full remit of responsibilities and therefore safe waste disposal by a qualified and outside agency, is fast becoming a preferential route rather than keeping as an inhouse process. In addition, the rules and legislation surrounding this vital work is always changing so it is therefore essential to keep updated on latest changes and especially to be aware of the importance of infection control, hygiene and regular audits conducted by outside healthcare agencies. If a nursing home is not compliant, there can be serious repercussions for the nursing home, workers and even residents if there is a health scare or issue.

Scott Chapell – Business Development commented:

“I find that a lot of the time when visiting customers, they are busy doing their best to provide a good quality care service. Healthcare waste can be very frustrating with changes in legislation and trying to keep up-to-date and manage a high standard across all responsibilities within the home. I reassure my clients that our purpose is to support and take the stress out of waste disposal management. Our service goes beyond the disposal itself as we don’t charge for all the advice we give and the supporting documents we provide. We give extra added value with training, recommendations and posters. We want to help build waste and cost reduction strategies whilst making sure that all legislation is adhered to and with a supporting documentation and audit trail. Long-term and sustainable plans are an essential aspect to this work.”

We have streamlined our skills, knowledge and expertise in order to offer a full and comprehensive, waste management approach, especially within healthcare environments. Its spreads across all waste products and different premises. We have the expertise to demonstrate long-term, sustainable and cost reduction strategies. This helps to guard against the highs and lows of procurement and invoicing.

Albus Environmental offers a bespoke service to each client and dependent upon their requirements. We ensure that despite your sector – ‘the best type of waste – is no waste.’

We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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