Albus Environmental – Finalists in The Planet Mark™ Five-Year Anniversary Awards

The five-year anniversary awards that showcase the outstanding achievements in sustainability from a diverse and growing community of holders of The Planet Mark took place at the Sadlers Wells Theatre in London.

The Planet Mark received an overwhelming response to its call, with a very high calibre of entries and so the panel of judges had a tough job to make some crucial decisions to reach a final shortlist and Albus Environmental were thrilled to learn that their entry into the Sustainability Campaign Award category, sponsored by Cool Earth had been shortlisted.

The 2018 awards saw a remarkable number of entries as 38 shortlisted finalists were whittled down by the esteemed panel of judges to 12 separate winners across four categories – Measure, Engage, Communicate and Overall.

The evening was an opportunity to celebrate five years of The Planet Mark and founder Steve Malkin took to the stage to unveil the impact The Planet Mark has had to date. “This is a special day for us,” he said, “Five years to the month after the new certification brand was launched in partnership with the Eden Project, the Awards being announced today offer a fantastic opportunity for our holder teams to celebrate, and be recognised for the great work they are doing. Much has happened in our world since then, some good, some less so. But one thing has not changed, and that is our commitment to creating a better quality of life for us, our future generations and our fellow passengers on this wonderful planet.”

Guest speaker Sir Tim Smit said

“We are all psychotically hooked into a world where we don’t know when to say stop. We are better than being just consumers, we are citizens and we have future generations to keep in mind. That is why The Planet Mark is important, it is something around which we can cohere, it is about having a moral compass”

Director of Albus Environmental Andrew White commented:

“To be acknowledged by The Planet Mark and its panel of judges is a true testament to all of the hard work that the company and our staff have been doing, our commitment to this focus will continue”.

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