Albus Environmental is Organically Growing in the Healthcare Sector

The relatively new industry of healthcare waste management has been developing over the past 25 years due to significant changes that have occurred in healthcare practices. The growth in knowledge and the appreciation of environmental issues have also been fundamental drivers to this development. Legislation emanating from Europe is now predominantly driving change in UK healthcare waste management and the healthcare waste management industry continues to develop as the industry grows.

With healthcare services becoming “shoppable”, waste producers do not have to be dissatisfied with a poor service and a lack of transparency around their costs, their quality of service and of utmost importance, safety for patients and staff alike.

Companies are looking for solutions that are coordinated, convenient and tailored to their business with engagement strategies that help their business to make informed decisions about their healthcare provisions.

Albus Environmental, the Clinical Waste Disposal Specialists place these strategies at the forefront of all they do, namely providing the safe management and disposal of hazardous, offensive and sensitive waste produced by businesses and organisations involved in the healthcare sector. Their experience and bespoke approach provide solutions on a daily basis that protect people and companies, promote health and sustainability to safeguard the environment and through their activities have reported growth of 43% over a 12-month period as a response to their tailored approach.

Director of Albus Environmental Andrew White commented:

“Albus Environmental continues to grow each year and we are delighted to see that the market responds so well to our service driven approach. Early indications are that 2019 will achieve a continued growth thanks to the dedicated work of all of our employees.”

We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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