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Albus Environmental – Proud to support the NHS through our Strategic Partners

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The Ambulance services are the experts in providing patient transport for the NHS through their framework led by each of the ten English Ambulance Services with the addition of the Isle of Wight. Albus Environmental were more than happy to assist the NHS Ambulance Trust through our partners in this time of unprecedented levels of demand on NHS Services dealing with the outbreak and spread of COVID-19.

As infection prevention and control is the responsibility of every member of NHS staff, especially those treating and facing patients, they are committed to providing a clean and hygienic environment in which to treat all patients. Whilst following strict policies and procedures, the disposal of their clinical waste is of paramount importance.

Throughout the various Ambulance waste storage sites, Albus Environmental dealt with the ever-changing needs and requirements of their clinical waste with meticulous planning through our flexible on request service with a focus on speed and efficiency to provide a solution that enabled the Ambulance Service to focus on their fundamental role in tackling this crisis.

Andrew White, Director of Albus Environmental commented, “As a team, we couldn’t be prouder to support our wonderful NHS through our valued strategic partners, we are always ready and willing to lend our support wherever it’s needed.”

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