Complimentary Pre-waste Acceptance Audits are carried out by Albus Environmental

Permits for waste disposal facilities were first issued from 2006, but the Environmental Agency has now phased in full compliance. To allow for disposal facility operators to complete their pre-acceptance checks, all waste collection companies will require waste producers to provide certain information about the types of clinical waste that they produce. As a result, all producers of clinical waste, must provide audits of their waste to their waste management company if they are to continue to have their waste accepted for disposal or treatment. This audit is an Environmental Agency legal requirement and failure to provide an audit report could result in the EA prohibiting waste collection companies from collecting the waste from producers.

Prospective customers can also benefit

Albus Environmental, the Clinical Waste Disposal Specialists provide a complete and complimentary pre-waste audit service for all of their customers as part of their bespoke waste collection provision. Their team guide you through the process and effectively take care of time-consuming paperwork to achieve compliance for both producer and collector. They work with their customers to provide a superior level of service and deliver exceptional value whilst providing peace of mind to the waste producer.

If you are considering how you might manage these processes and need advice or help, please contact Albus who will be happy to offer their expertise.

We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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