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Established in 1920, High Street Medical Dental have developed their practice to keep dentistry at the cutting edge of technological development. Offering a wide range of services, from dentistry to neuropsychiatry, they employ a web-based health-monitoring programme, designed by Clinical Director Professor Paramala Santosh, to track treatment targets and outcomes for all of their patients.


Having been established for almost 100 years, owner Dr Alfred Kolozsvari tells us how the business has re-energised into the state-of-the-art digital dental and medical practice that it has become. This purpose-built facility provides care for all of their customers’ individual needs, tailoring their service to each client, with brand new surgeries and consultation rooms for specialist dentistry, facial aesthetics, GP services, audiology and neuropsychiatry.


Albus Environmental understand the importance of being a trusted partner and as part of this relationship, they share their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of a complete compliance solution. They take the time to advise and review bagged services, sharps waste collection services and specific dental waste, all of which is managed through their fleet of vehicles with no subcontractors or agency staff employed.


Henry Farmer, Sales Manager of Albus Environmental explains “The services discussed during our initial consultation with Dr Kolozsvari identified the need to streamline and improve efficiency in their waste disposal in order to meet the goals of the business, such as controlling costs whilst providing much needed flexibility. This flexibility has been a key element due to the rapid growth of the business and we are thrilled to see how the business has grown and has accomplished what it has. We hope that in a small way, Albus Environmental have helped contribute to this”.


“High Street Medical Dental can rest assured that Albus Environmental will always provide the bespoke service that we have come to rely on at our practices in Kent and Surrey. Having Albus as a partner provides us with the most effective customer service and we know that our Account Manager can always be reached to ensure that all of our needs are met. In the event of an emergency situation such as additional stock requests and unexpected waste generated from our busy practices, they always go above and beyond to take care of our waste needs. This is so important to our practice because it allows us to concentrate on our customers and running the practices on a daily basis. I honestly cannot recommend Albus Environmental highly enough because I know that they have our best interests at heart.” Dr Alfred Kolozsvari

Dr Alfred Kolozsvari is an educational supervisor and tutor for the London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery for Foundation Dentists alongside his recent appointment as a SpA – Specialist Advisor for CQC (Care Quality Commission).


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