Sharps waste disposal should be carried out with your safety at the forefront of all activity.

Sharps waste disposal should be carried out with your safety at the forefront of all activity.

At Albus, we take the management and disposal of sharps seriously and recognise it poses a significant risk to your working environment.

Albus Environmental provide services for:

  • Syringes & hypodermic needles

  • Medicinally contaminated sharps

  • Cytotoxic contaminated sharps

  • Phlebotomy sharps

  • Single use surgical devices

SHARPS WASTE | Partially Discharged

Partially discharged and empty sharps including those contaminated with medicines other than those that are cytotoxic and cytostatic.

SHARPS WASTE | Non Pharmaceutically Contaminated Sharps

Non pharmaceutically contaminated sharps not contaminated with medicines including cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines.


Sharps including those contaminated with cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines.


Solid pharmaceutical waste including medicinal waste in original packaging


Clinical waste, surgical instruments and other infected clinical wastes not suitable for disposal in sharps containers or plastic bags.


Identifiable Anatomical Waste

We supply UN-approved containers of various sizes with colour coded lids in accordance with HTM-07-01 – Safe Management of Healthcare Waste.

When it comes to sharps collection, we make it as safe and easy as possible for you to dispose of them. We won’t make you wait until you have a build-up, we take your containers as often as you would like them collected.

Albus are happy to help you with any legislative questions you may have on sharps disposal and can cover this during your free pre waste acceptance audit.

We work directly with your staff to provide advice and training for appropriate handling, packaging, storing, transportation and disposal of sharps waste. This helps ensure Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 07-01standards are met.

All waste is managed by Albus Environmental and is collected through our fleet of vehicles with no sub-contractors or agency staff used.

Other Solutions

We provide a wide range of waste services for all types of business in the public and private healthcare sector. We take the time to understand your requirements and tailor the service to suit your business.

Offensive Waste

Offensive waste, is it an option for you? It poses lots of questions for producers of healthcare waste.

Infectious Waste

Infectious waste is hazardous and can be a health risk. It needs to be managed and treated appropriately.

Sharps Waste

We take the management and disposal of sharps seriously. It poses significant risk to your working environment.

Pharmaceutical Waste

We can help dispose of your pharmaceutical waste using our expertise and technical advice.

Anatomical Waste

Anatomical waste should be segregated from other healthcare waste streams in red lidded containers.

Specific Dental Waste

We provide all of your specific dental containers for the safe management of your dental waste and to meet all of your practice requirements.

Sanitary Waste

We provide a zero to landfill guarantee for your offensive waste to meet the needs of the sanitary waste disposal from your business setting.

Disposal Facilities

We take the disposal of waste very seriously with our modern fully licensed disposal facilities.

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