Staying Safe in Waste Management

Any waste produced in the course of health-care activities, from contaminated needles to infectious wastes, carries a far greater potential for causing infection and injury than any other type of waste, and inappropriate management or inadequate training on how to deal with this waste can have serious public health consequences and deleterious effects on the environment.

The reasons for failure are often attributed to a lack of awareness about the health hazards related to particular types of health-care waste alongside inadequate training in proper waste management and disposal systems. However, insufficient resources and the low priority given to the issue are the most common problems connected with health-care waste.

Therefore, with increased attention and diligence to avoid adverse health outcomes associated with poor practice, including exposure to infectious agents and toxic substances, this can be addressed and with clear strategies and training, we can all ensure that safe practice becomes common practice.

Key areas of the Albus training programme for improvement of health-care waste management are:

  1. Educate our customers on how to reduce the volume of waste generated and ensure correct waste segregation.
  2. Develop individual programmes for consistent improvement in waste segregation and disposal practices.
  3. Where possible, select safe and environmentally-friendly management options to protect people and the environment when handling and disposing of waste such as cytotoxic waste over general waste incineration
  4. Raise awareness of the risks related to health-care waste.

Albus can help you to educate and train your staff through our bespoke training programmes and can even help you to become a more sustainable company within your community.

We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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