KIMS Hospital Case Study

KIMS Hospital is the largest independent hospital in Kent providing safe, outstanding quality care for their patients. They are expert consultants with state-of-the-art hospital facilities.


Albus Environmental approached KIMS hospital group for the opportunity to provide their services to this specialist health care facility; the aim of the tender process was to analyse the current service provision and to review from KIMS point of view if there was indeed a better solution and partner available to them.

Albus were tasked with presenting the following:

  • How Albus Environmental can improve the efficiency of collections, competitively with costs and the client bottom line in mind.
  • How Albus Environmental can provide added value to the contract with bespoke training, Q&A’ s with their staff and training materials to aid in segregation using HTM-07-01.
  • How the added value of clinical waste training can reduce costs both in regards to disposal and compliance fees.
  • What a long-term partnership with Albus will look like.


Prior to presenting key facts and figures, Albus Environmental always conduct a site-specific risk assessment not only to ensure correct segregation and health and safety procedures but to also walk with the client through the ‘waste journey’, ensuring that there are no obvious opportunities for further efficiency and or cost reduction.

The ‘waste journey audit’ includes a review of the relevant documentation, inspection of the clinical and waste handling areas, meetings with relevant staff and where appropriate, questioning of current segregation and waste handling.

The audit report was shared with the KIMS group to enable them to evaluate the expert observations and recommended improvements. All activities included the correct categorisation, segregation, and description of wastes to satisfy that systems going forward would be safe, compliant and effective to ensure correct and safe disposal.

The audit gave Albus Environmental conclusive evidence on how to tackle the key performance criteria.

The final approach was an in-depth presentation where the long-term partnership with Albus was analysed highlighting the below benefits;


A bespoke service agreement that will provide an unrivalled service


One account manager as a single point of contact for your convenience


The ability to co-ordinate with KIMS management teams to provide overall waste strategy and policies including all general waste to provide recommendations for waste minimisation and effectiveness.


Instant access to data to ensure streamlining, including segregation and minimisation of all waste streams.


Provide throughout the contract measurable KPI’s to fulfil continuous improvement throughout the partnership.


Provide education and engagement that will appeal to all staff at KIMS and Sevenoaks Medical Centre with a clear focus on how improving waste management can benefit the patients, the environment, and finances.


Implement all the above to ensure longevity of the clinical waste partnership.



Overall substantial savings.


Dealing directly with Albus Environmental will incentivise for continuous improvement.


Education and access to our expert partner knowledge.


Continuous measurement and auditing with regular updates and meetings.


Working with a company that has green credentials to create a sustainable change.


Communication materials to communicate to staff internally – keeping goals at the forefront.


Delivering tangible results to KIMS Hospital in line with the overall business strategy.


Specific Dental Waste

Sharps Waste

Infectious Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

Anatomical Waste

Sanitary Waste


“I recommend Albus Environmental Ltd based on my own experience with the company. I use Albus Environmental Ltd to provide collection of clinical waste and I am extremely pleased with the quality of service they can provide. I plan to work with them in the future and can recommend them without reservation to others in need of similar services. A few examples of their high quality include:

– Albus Environmental ltd staff is very approachable and friendly

– Quick response

– Albus is constantly improving strategies to improve the service

I am very happy to recommend Albus Environmental Ltd to you, and trust that your experience with them will be as positive as mine.”

Renato Costa – Facilities Manager, KIMS Hospital

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