Top Tips for Managing your Clinical Waste

  1. Ensure you follow colour-coding guidance for all your soft clinical waste.
  2. Segregate your waste correctly on site, disposing only clinical waste in clinical waste bags (PP Equipment, packaging and uncontaminated paper products can go into your general waste stream and save your company money).
  3. Make sure your soft clinical waste is disposed of into a foot-operated or automatic lidded unit so that you are not touching the lid with your hands and risking the spread of infection.
  4. Do not overfill your clinical waste bags, leave space to tie them securely, either with a knot or post-coded bag tie – with no risk of overflow or fall out leading to the risk of infection spread.
  5. As part of your ‘Duty of Care’, store all clinical waste safely and securely in a designated locked room, cupboard or external wheelie bin that is not in the vicinity of staff, patients, children or animals.
  6. Postcode tie all clinical waste prior to collection by your waste partner and will provide essential traceability to ensure correct management of your waste.
  7. Ensure you receive, sign and date a hazardous waste consignment note for every collection of clinical waste from your practice or business.
  8. Support colour-coding with waste segregation posters for staff training purposes and best practice.
  9. Carry out regular clinical waste training to ensure compliance, correct waste segregation, and waste minimisation, for complete compliance.
  10. Make sure you register with the Environment Agency if you are generating more than 500kg of hazardous waste per annum.

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