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May 18, 2021

As with all waste generated from any healthcare setting, there are of course strict compliance requirements around dental waste management, particularly the segregation and the storage of this waste.

Dental practice waste falls into specific waste streams, from sharps to chemicals and used PPE, all of which need to be correctly segregated, stored and managed. Some dental waste is classed as hazardous waste and must be compliantly handled and disposed of. Waste classified as ‘hazardous’ under environmental legislation is potentially harmful to the environment or to human health if not handled correctly.

Albus Environmental are the experts in this sector and we see the waste management in this area as a simple process but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for every waste handler to understand. All specialist dental waste must be correctly segregated, appropriately labelled and packaged for transport, stored safely in a secure place and described accurately on all documentation. To help our practices achieve this, we have resource sheets available to educate your staff and help them to avoid any non-compliant or continuous errors when handling and segregating this type of waste. Albus Environmental are here to help make it easy to understand, support your staff and eliminate any confusion.

Henry Farmer, Head of Commercial at Albus, explains: “If you are a Dental practice Manager and have questions about your practice segregation, we want you to call our single point of contact to ask any pop-up questions you may have and it doesn’t matter how often. We just want to help our customers be continuously compliant and we are here to make that easy for them to do. Whatever your question, Albus Environmental have the answer”.

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