The Benefits of Treatment of Waste vs Deep Landfill – Albus answers your question

September 2, 2021

The facts are that Landfill produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) in roughly equal proportions whereas energy from waste produces carbon dioxide only. Both these gases contribute to global warming however, methane is around 25 times more damaging than carbon dioxide.

Waste producers are responsible for choosing the most appropriate waste management option for each of their waste streams. When doing so, they should take into account both environmental and economic considerations. Ideally, as much waste as possible should be recycled, reused and recovered, with disposal as the final option because of course, it is a first priority to prevent waste from arising in the first place.

Albus Environmental operate a zero to landfill solution for their clients for all the waste they collect and they are often asked by their clients if burning the waste is more harmful to the environment which is a perfectly respectable question when companies are concerned about their carbon footprint and eco credentials.

Waste management options for specific types of business should be re-evaluated regularly to take account of new treatments available, with landfill costs rising significantly, particularly for hazardous wastes, incineration treatment of this waste is a more economical way to handle and recover them.

Henry Farmer, Head of Commercial at Albus explains, “Our industry does operate on the abrasive side of the waste sector where incineration is also a necessary evil to ensure that we treat these waste streams accordingly and relative to the infection risks that they pose. When a client partners with Albus, they can be assured that their waste will be disposed of within legislative guidelines… but always with the environment in mind”.

Albus Environmental will carefully calculate how waste types are offset and through their operations, the typical range of net electrical energy that can be produced is about 500 to 600 kWh of electricity per ton of waste incinerated. Thus, the incineration of about 2,200 tons per day of waste will produce about 1200 MWh of electrical energy. So not only is landfill harmful to the environment but through this we are also missing out on 500 – 600 kWh worth of energy from that waste.

Albus Environmental are the experts in this sector and are committed to their sustainable initiatives such as Zero to Landfill and Waste to Energy (RDF). They will help their clients achieve best practice by making waste easy to understand, supporting staff and eliminating any confusion.

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